Matthew Dempsey Wines produces classic and artisanal wines from a handful of the most prestigious and historic vineyards in Napa and Sonoma.  Meticulous farming practices in the vineyards yield low quantities of the finest grapes from which we make our exceptionally limited production wines. These wines then spend up to two years aging in the rarest and finest quality French oak barrels crafted in the world.  The result – wines of elegant balance, commanding presence and drive on the palate, while being cellar-able for a decade or more.  


Wine and Music seem to go hand in hand: both are non-stagnant expressions of art. In their best forms, they display dynamic range, rhythm, melody, and harmony. As a musician, creating music that moves and resonates with others is the aspiration.  As a winemaker, creating a wine that achieves the same affect is what it is all about. 


As a classically trained pipe-organist-turned-winemaker, Matthew Dempsey set out in 2018 to start a winery that focuses on producing small lot, blockbuster style wines, while paying homage to his former discipline. At every step of the process from vineyard management to fermentation, bottling, labeling and marketing, Matthew's vision is realized with his meticulous, handmade approach. 




"To my eyes and ears the Pipe Organ will ever be the King of Instruments" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The inspiration for our label artwork comes from this famous quote from the legendary composer.  In Classic Era Greece, around 300B.C., the first iterations of the pipe organ were crafted. At the time, small and portable, these instruments proliferated and grew over the centuries to what we know today as the grand instruments adorning the balconies of the great cathedrals and concert halls across the world. With thousands of pipes terraced over several stories of a building, these organs possess a dynamic range and tonal pallet, unparalleled by any other instrument. Played by a sole musician, the pipe organ can be as quiet as a church mouse or as commanding as a hundred-person orchestra. 
A homage to the King of Instruments



With Gratitude to my family, friends, colleagues and all those who have helped and supported my vision in crafting this brand.
Thank you! 
~The Organist